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Rainbow Bridge is very excited to have the brilliant Mohini dey with us again, conducting a master class on the 25th of February (Sunday) from 5:00PM onwards.

The session will cover Harmonic Theory, Technique & Tricks and Tips on Groove Making & Improvisation.

20 Seats Only – so reserve yours ASAP!

About Mohini Dey


Finally!!!! Its Out!Had an Honour to work/record for the Great 'Gary Willis' and his new app "Groove A Day". Gary is one of my biggest influences in my Musical Upbringing and bass playing. I was super honored to have been asked by the Master himself!After Hearing me play Gary said- "Holy shit! How can you do that in one take a week or more later?And Very creative take! – I never would have thought to tune "up".Speechless – – – .Most Excellent!!!Really, really impressive. Especially knowing how you did it – you asshole!! ? ''THATS LIKE THE BEST COMPLIMENT THAT I HAVE EVER GOT .This is very Special for me because its coming from The Incredible GARY WILLIS Check his app out,!! It's a super useful thing to practice your bass with (Not only bass but any other instrument too)Here is my TAKE on his GROOVE and Not to forget the BEAST ON DRUMS AND VERY GOOD FRIEND OF MINE -The one and only Gergo Borlai.#LathonBassWearEndorsee #MayonesBassesEndorsee #MarkbassAmpsEndorsee#SITStringsEndorsee#BossPedalsEndorsee#GruvGearEndorsee

Posted by Mohini Dey on Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Mohini Dey is a 21 year old Bass Guitar Player from Mumbai, India. Considered a prodigy all around the world and listed as the most successful musician Under 30 by Forbes, India, she started learning the bass at the age of 3 and she professionally started working at the age of 10. Mohini is most sought after bass player in the country and is also the bass player in AR Rahman’s Band.

She has been working with Mr. A R Rahman for the past 5 and half years. She has also worked with artists like Steve Vai, Zakir Hussain, Guthrie Govan, Tony Macalpine ,Jordan Rudes ,Marco Minnemann, Dave weckl,Stu Hamm ,Dean Brown, Mike Stern, Federico Malaman, Mateus Asato, Sivamani, Gary Willis, Victor Wooten, Gergo Borlai, Ranjit Barot, Hadrian Feraud,etc