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The guitar is probably one of the most popular choices for those looking at learning an instrument; given how dynamic it is in the range of genres from hard rock to soft pop. Despite how easy it may seem when seen on television or big screen, playing the guitar and acing at it needs dedication and regular practice, which will help you hone your skills! Come & Join the best guitar classes in Bangalore to learn this wonderful instrument.

At Rainbow Bridge, we guide you in finding your connection with the instrument and encourage you to understand it better with the kind of music you enjoy listening to and look up to – not just by being able to play the one song you like, but even maybe taking your instrument and creating your own music! Our guitar learning classes is one of the most popular music course here in Bangalore …Come, experience music like you never have, with us… at the Bridge.

We aim to provide the best music education through our guitar coaching classes in Bangalore.

Your guitars tutors

  • Sanjeev T
  • Ajay George Joseph
  • Devasheesh Sharma
  • Joel Sakkari

Guitar Session at the Bridge with instructor Sanjeev Thomas :

Hammer time @ Rb.

Posted by Rainbow Bridge on Saturday, 20 February 2016

Beginner Course Curriculum (Guitar)

  • Introduction to Instrument
  • Music theory & Harmony
  • Timing and Rhythm
  • Ear Training
  • Popular Standards & Melodies
  • Chords & Progressions
  • Finger Independence
  • Scales and Modes
  • Introduction to Recording and Composing
  • Practise Material and Backing Tracks

Advanced Course Curriculum (Guitar)

  • Music theory
  • Harmony and Chord Extensions / Voicing’s
  • Time signatures and Rhythm
  • Fret Board Knowledge and Transposing
  • Rock Appreciation and Blues Techniques.
  • Introduction to Jazz and Styles – Soloing and Improvisation
  • Standards and Melodies
  • Recording and Composition
  • Altered harmony and Soloing
  • Alternate tunings and Carnatic Scales
  • Practise Material and Backing Tracks

Our Instructors

Sanjeev T : Chief Mentor & Founder of Rainbow Bridge


Over three decades of experience as a musician. Best known for his decade long work as Oscar & Grammy winner AR Rahman’s lead guitarist till 2015, following which he set up Rainbow Bridge in Bangalore. Has won international acclaim for both his albums, Freewill and Epic Shit, for best vocalist and guitarist. Was among the first musicians to be featured on the MTV Coke Studio India series, and has performed with the best names in the industry, globally and at home, like John Beasley, Taku Hirano, Oscar Seaton, Sivamani, Hariharan, Kailash Kher, Papon, Rabbi Shergil, Chinnaponnu and Leslie Lewis, to name a few. Endorsed by brands like Gibson Guitars (USA), Faith Guitars (USA), D’Addario (UK) and Laney Amps (US).


Ajay George Joseph has over 14 years of experience playing the guitar. Lead guitarist for the bands, Aathma and Tangents.


Devasheesh Sharma  is aGuitarist and Founder at Space Behind The Yellow Room, Signal W.


Joel Sakkari is a Music Producer working with various indie artistes and films across India and a session guitarist with an experience of 15 years. Also plays for a Synthwave / Electronica act “Droolfox”.


Garv Kapoor been into Music since last 7 years but recently after studying in detail about it, I have learnt that Music is not just about playing but connecting with people and building people through Music.


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