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One of the most popular instruments of choice for an aspiring musician is the guitar, given how one can play and improvise with dynamic genres ranging from hard rock to soft pop. Despite how easy it might seem watching a professional musician perform on television or in person, playing and learning to play the guitar requires dedication and regular practice.

At Rainbow Bridge, we guide our students to understand the instrument with the kind of music they enjoy or listen to, ultimately empowering their ability to accompany their favourite songs with ease and to be able to create their own music!

Guitar Course CurriculumBeginner

  • Introduction to Instrument
  • Music theory & harmony
  • Timing & rhythm
  • Popular standards & melodies
  • Chords & progressions
  • Finger independence Scales & modes
  • Introduction to recording & composing
  • Practice material & backing tracks

Guitar Course CurriculumAdvanced

  • Music theory
  • Harmony & chord extensions / voicing’s
  • Time signatures & rhythms
  • Fret board knowledge & transposing
  • Introduction to Jazz – soloing and improvisation
  • Standards & melodies
  • Recording & composition
  • Altered harmony & soloing
  • Alternate tunings & Carnatic scales
  • Practice material & backing tracks

Our Teachers


Sanjeev has performed with the best names in the music industry at home and across the globe, including artists like John Beasley, Taku Hirano, Oscar Seaton, Sivamani, Hariharan, Sid Sriram, Kailash Kher, and Papon. He is also endorsed by brands such as Gibson Guitars (USA), Faith Guitars (UK), D’Addario (UK), and Laney Amps (USA).

Spoken Languages : English, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi


Joel Sakkari is a primarily a music producer working with several indie artists and filmmakers across India. He is also a session guitarist with over 15 years of experience.

Spoken Languages : English, Hindi, Kannada


Garv Kapoor has been learning and pursuing music for the past 8 years and is a keen classical guitarist and bassist.

He has completed his bachelor’s degree in music at The Bangalore Conservatory.

Spoken Languages : English, Hindi

BEGINNERRishii Rohra

Rishii Rohra is a guitarist, bassist, DJ, and music producer. He is currently a bassist for bands including Solder, The BottleFlower Seeds, and Saturn Night Sky.

Spoken Languages : English, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi

ADVANCEDMichael Antony Dias

Michael Antony Dias is the frontman of one of Bangalore’s finest rock bands, Mad Orange Fireworks. He is a well-established guitarist, singer-songwriter, performer, and music educator.

Spoken Languages : English, Malayalam


Started his musical journey at the age of 7 and Completed Bachelor of Music from The Bangalore Conservatory. He is a Vocals and Guitar Coach.

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???? Which is the best guitar classes in Bangalore?

???? Rainbow Bridge School of Music, headed by Mr Sanjeev Thomas is the best guitar class in Bangalore

???? What are the fees for guitar classes in Bangalore?

???? Fees differs from school to school. Contact us on 9945760541, 9620658348, 9538192000 to know more on fee structure.

???? Who is the best guitar teacher in Bangalore?

???? Mr Sanjeev Thomas is the best guitar teacher in Bangalore. Book your demo class by calling us on 9945760541, 9620658348, 9538192000.

???? Do guitar classes in Bangalore offer weekend batches?

???? Yes. Book your demo class by calling us on 9945760541, 9620658348, 9538192000.

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