Music Production Course


Every musician – be it a singer, guitarist, pianist or drummer – always dreams of creating their own music. As a music producer, you can also work for other artists, apart from yourself and applies across all genres. To be able to produce music, be it for your own compositions or for another, takes dedication and hard work. At Rainbow Bridge, we can help make that journey a little easier with the music production course, which will introduce you to the basics of music production, using appropriate tools and software and essentials like mixing etc.

Crash Course // 10 hours + 3 hours studio time
Essentials Course // 20 hours + 5 hours studio time
Extended Course // 40 hours + 10 hours studio time

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Sound – Analog & Digital – Sine waves and Frequency
  • Introduction to recording techniques – Miking – Meters – Positions
  • Music Theory and Harmony – Scales – Chords and extensions
  • Introduction to DAW (Logic X)
  • Compressors – EQ – Gates – Modulation
  • VST plugins & instruments
  • Composition – Song evaluation – harmony
  • Programming & Arrangement – String and instrument arrangement
  • Sound sampling – inserts and effects
  • Automation – Flex time/pitch
  • Music for film
  • Mixing & mastering
  • Production practicals
  • Artist identity & improvisation
  • Master class & workshop

Our Instructor

Sanjeev T : Chief Mentor & Founder of Rainbow Bridge


Over three decades of experience as a musician. Best known for his decade long work as Oscar & Grammy winner AR Rahman’s lead guitarist till 2015, following which he set up Rainbow Bridge in Bangalore. Has won international acclaim for both his albums, Freewill and Epic Shit, for best vocalist and guitarist. Was among the first musicians to be featured on the MTV Coke Studio India series, and has performed with the best names in the industry, globally and at home, like John Beasley, Taku Hirano, Oscar Seaton, Sivamani, Hariharan, Kailash Kher, Papon, Rabbi Shergil, Chinnaponnu and Leslie Lewis, to name a few. Endorsed by brands like Gibson Guitars (USA), Faith Guitars (USA), D’Addario (UK) and Laney Amps (US).


Joel Sakkari is a Music Producer working with various indie artistes and films across India and a session guitarist with an experience of 15 years. Also plays for a Synthwave / Electronica act “Droolfox”.


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