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We, at Rainbow Bridge, are proud to present our flagship and only full-time course – Diploma in Contemporary Music

This is an all-round course aimed at setting you up as a complete artist.

Today, an artist has to not only hone his or her art, but also understand the business side of things, be it creating content, like songs, posts & videos – understanding artist rights and royalties – composing for film and many other activities which showcase an artist to the world today.

And this is exactly why we have designed a course which touches upon all these topics and grooms you to face the challenges on your road to being a professional musician.

The course begins with focussing on the two majors that you choose. A primary and secondary major. So, for example, if the guitar is your primary instrument, you will be asked to choose a secondary instrument to learn. In this case, we usually recommend the Piano/Keyboard as it is the key instrument used to produce music.

The first 4 months of your course will focus on your majors, music theory and artist identity. In the following 7 months, you will learn to produce music in multiple genres, mixing & mastering, and also arranging music for film. In addition to this, there will be classes on DJing, the music business, copyrights & royalties and also live performance and programming on Ableton.

The course will also feature masterclasses from professional producers and artists, with their personal insights into the music industry.

At the end of the course, you will be required to make submissions towards your final assessment, which will be conducted by a reputed professional from the industry, who will be the main signatory on your Diploma certificate.

Students will be a part of and also attend live performances, real studio & video sessions and workshops conducted by visiting artists & professionals from the music fraternity.

For those individuals interested in signing up for this Diploma course, there will be counselling sessions conducted by our mentor Sanjeev Thomas, where you can seek advice on your career in music and clarify any information you need about the course curriculum and schedules. Timings of these sessions can be confirmed with our manager.

If you are interested, fill the form  below / Whats App Us and we hope to see you soon at one of the counselling sessions.

Course Summary

  • 12 months of classes & practical (3 days a week)
  • Two majors, Instrument or Voice
  • Western music theory & sight reading
  • Introduction to Indian classical music
  • Music production & Composition
  • Programming with Logic Pro X
  • Live performance with Ableton
  • Music for film & Sound design
  • DJing
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Copyrights & Royalties
  • Music business
  • Artist performances & Workshops
  • Masterclasses with professional producers & artists
  • Internship and performance opportunities
  • Hostel/pg accommodation facilities

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Our Teachers



Sanjeev has performed with the best names in the music industry at home and across the globe, including artists like John Beasley, Taku Hirano, Oscar Seaton, Sivamani, Hariharan, Sid Sriram, Kailash Kher, and Papon. He is also endorsed by brands such as Gibson Guitars (USA), Faith Guitars (UK), D’Addario (UK), and Laney Amps (USA).

Spoken Languages : English, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi



Joel Sakkari is a primarily a music producer working with several indie artists and filmmakers across India. He is also a session guitarist with over 15 years of experience.

Spoken Languages : English, Hindi, Kannada


GUITARSiddhant Mani Chettri

Pursuing music for the last 8 years I have worked with different bands over this period of time and have been exposed to a lot of different genres.

Currently I am a part of Gauley Bhai which is a folk jam band experimenting with sounds from diverse cultures and genres namely Nepali Folk, Blues, Mali Rock, Funk, Reggae, Country, Hip Hop etc. I also have experience as a session musician.

Working as a touring musician for several years I am highly enthusiastic to share my experiences and knowledge.


DJING / EMPVivek Radhakrishnan (V3K)

Vivek Radhakrishnan (V3K) is multi-faceted electronic music producer. Having started his career as a DJ as early as a 16 year old, he is currently the producer/DJ of the alternative hip-hop crew Street Academics.

Spoken Languages : English, Malayalam



Jataveda is a singer, songwriter and music producer. She has been trained in Hindustani Classical vocals for a decade under the guidance of her gurus Pt. Dhiren Das and Benu Dubey in Kolkata for a decade.

In her ongoing musical journey while she has collaborated with various artists, she has found inspiration in world music and jazz. She believes music is a universal language. She performs fusion, sufi, ghazals, rock and jazz besides her original compositions.



Anudwatt is a Bass guitar for Gauley Bhai, which is a Bangalore based band formed in 2018. Music has always been very experimental for Him. Switching between Bass, Guitar, Vocals and sometimes even on the Mixer with bands such As The Mojo Hand, Mantalai and Gauley bhai, it gives me a very broad understanding of live sound as well as studio sound.

He has also worked with Resonance studios as a sound engineer, where he recorded many industry musicians.


KEYBOARDSBharath Kumar

Bharath Kumar is an active live pianist, and music producer. Coming from a multi-instrument classical training from an early age, to being a jazz-funk keyboardist, and electronic musician, he has a keen ear for electronic music synthesis, and the physics of sound.


DRUMSJoshua Gopal

Joshua Gopal is a Bangalore based drummer & multi instrumentalist prodigy. Known for his infectious energy on stage & off stage, his interest lies across genres like classic rock, soul, pop, fusion & jazz.


EMP/ DJING Rishi Rohra

Rishii Rohra is a guitarist, bassist, DJ, and music producer. He is currently a bassist for bands including Solder, The BottleFlower Seeds, and Saturn Night Sky.

Spoken Languages : English, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi



I’m Gitaleen, a 24-year-old Musician from Assam. Currently I’m residing in Bangalore.
A little bit about me, I am a vocalist and have been practicing Hindustani classical for 19 years now. I have completed my Bachelors in Music specialising in Hindustani Classical and Borgeet. I am a certified All India Radio artist. I have sung 20+ songs for AIR, Dibrugarh. I have won 100+ competitions and won a lot of awards.
Spoken Languages :  English, Hindi

PIANOJeremiah Joseph

Jeremiah Joseph is a highly motivated performing artist and passionate about Piano. He has completed grade 8 in classical piano from Trinity College London and also grade 5 in theory of music.

He also is a lead pianist in his church.

Languages – English , Kannada, Hindi



An avid follower of blues, classic rock and prog rock. Has been teaching music for 8 years and playing guitar for 10 years now. Plays and tours in a progressive rock band called PARAM

Been a part of Rainbow Bridge family from 2016.

Spoken Languages : English, Kannada


DRUMSJohn Melvin

John Melvin is an experienced musician having performed as a professional drummer for over 12 years, and has been teaching students across ages to play the drums for the past 6 years.

His current projects include One Girl ShyAabha HanjuraArati Rao Collective, and V3, and is also a session musician.

Spoken Languages : English, Tamil, Kannada


DRUMSJohn Sebastian D’souza

John Sebastian D’souza was born in a family of musicians and is a fifth generation artist. He has been performing from the age of 10 and has over 13 years’ of experience as a drummer and is also a skilled vocalist.

Spoken Languages : English, Tamil, Kannada


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