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The drums lie at the core of understanding music – beats and rhythms. One of the oldest instruments and having evolved over time from its basic form to its current identity, learning the drums is a much sought after activity by the old and young, alike.

At Rainbow Bridge, we offer personalised training to identify your style as a drummer – from the basics to more advanced routines and grooves. Jazz, rock, pop, or metal, our classes will help you become a passionate drummer in the genre of your choice! We also expose our students to performance-based drumming and jam live with other instrumentalists and vocalists.

Drums Course CurriculumBeginner

  • Introduction to instrument
  • Music theory
  • Timing & rhythm
  • Sight-reading
  • Stick handling – single & double stroke rolls
  • Triplets & basic patterns
  • Paradiddles & rudiments
  • Genres & styles
  • Practice material & backing tracks

Drums Course CurriculumAdvanced

  • Music theory & harmony
  • Ear training
  • Sight-reading
  • Rudiment combinations
  • Standards & soloing
  • Jazz transcription
  • Time signatures
  • Recording & composing grooves
  • Practice material & backing tracks

Our Teachers



John Melvin is an experienced musician having performed as a professional drummer for over 12 years, and has been teaching students across ages to play the drums for the past 6 years.

His current projects include One Girl ShyAabha HanjuraArati Rao Collective, and V3, and is also a session musician.

Spoken Languages : English, Tamil, Kannada



He has been teaching for the past 5 years . Worked in bands like Thaikkudam Bridge , Prayaan and currently working on an alt-rock band Sick Society and also a 3 piece instrumental project named The Harbingers . Completed 8th grade of Trinity in drums .

Spoken Languages : English, Malayalam


ADVANCEDAbhisek Kumar

Abhisek is a passionate drummer and a talented musician with expertise in multiple instruments and 6 years years of experience. He has expertise in different genres like Metal, Rock, Jazz.

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    FAQ on Drums Classes in Bangalore

    Q. Can I learn to play the drums on my own?

    A. Better idea would be to have an instructor. Call us on 9945760541, 9620658348 to take guidance from top drum instructors in Bangalore.

    Q. How long does it usually take to learn drums?

    A. Well it depends on how much time you are giving for practise.

    Q. Are drums difficult to learn?

    A. They are not really difficult but require guidance. At Rainbow Bridge, we provide the best teachers who can teach Drums. Call us on 9945760541, 9620658348 to know more.


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