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At Rainbow Bridge, we encourage students to pursue music irrespective of whether it’s just another hobby or as a career option. Singing is an activity that everyone has tried their hand at – some of us behind the confines of a shower curtain and others before an audience on a stage! 

Vocal training sessions at Rainbow Bridge have been designed for anyone who either wants to develop or further fine-tune their sound. Irrespective of your singing style, vocal training is the place to start and Rainbow Bridge offers tools for this vocal training via vocal assessment and personalised training.

Beginner Course Curriculum

  • Music theory & harmony
  • Timing & rhythm
  • Ear training
  • Vocal exercises & breathing techniques
  • Popular standards & melodies
  • Vocal range & techniques
  • Practice material & backing tracks

Advanced Course Curriculum

  • Music theory
  • Introduction to Jazz & styles – soling and improvisation
  • Standards & melodies
  • Recording & composition
  • Scales & modes
  • Vocal range & techniques
  • Altered harmony
  • Artist identity
  • Practice material & backing tracks

Our Instructors


Sherwin Yules a national level winner for Western vocals with over 12 years of experience in training acapella choirs. 3 years of experience in training vocals and keyboard across various institutes in Bangalore.


Hemanth Kumar Started learning music at the age of 10 yrs from Guru Ustaad Shudhansu Ehsaas J-Palwal, Haryana. Has also learnt Hindustani classical, bollywood style , Gazals and has self-composed songs ,Bhajans, gazals etc. He is also a winner of JSW National talent hunt . Has a 3 yrs teaching experience in EHSAAS Music Academy.

Joel Jacob is a Bangalore based singer -song writer, with over 15 years of experience as a vocalist and has previously fronted popular blues / pop rock band Perfect strangers. Apart from being a choir performer , he’s also the winner of TAAQ Rolling trophy for excellence in pop vocals grades 6-8.

Radhika started singing when was 3 years old. Sang with singer Mr. Vijay Prakash in his tours in Karnataka. She has been the top 8 contestant in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Kannada and have also sung with Sri. Balasubramanyam. She have also participated in various competitions and tv shows and won more than 300 prizes.

Rebecca Jackson is Western Classical vocalist, guitarist, and music teacher. She has completed her diploma in vocal training and is currently pursuing a three year bachelor’s degree in music at The Bangalore Conservatory.

Michael Antony Dias is the frontman of one of Bangalore’s finest rock bands, Mad Orange Fireworks. He is a well-established guitarist, singer-songwriter, performer, and music educator. Dias has been singing and playing the guitar for over 23 years and has been teaching music for nearly a decade

Annie Threasa is a certified vocalist and pianist, trained in both classical and contemporary music. She holds Grade 8 in Pop & Rock from Trinity College of London, trained in Broadway music, and is pursuing her diploma (ALCM) from West London-London College of Music. She is currently a music teacher at Sophia High School and National School of Journalism.

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