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When we think of the saxophone, we immediately associate it with smooth, jazzy grooves by Kenny G or the warm tones from Stan Getz. A little known fact is that the saxophone and clarinet go hand-in-hand; saxophone players across the world are expected to know how to play both the clarinet and the flute, as the styles and methods to train playing these instruments are almost exactly the same.

At Rainbow Bridge, we offer basic and advanced training in each of these instruments, including identifying whether playing a baritone or tenor saxophone, clarinet, or flute would be more suitable to your style. 

Beginner Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to instrument
  • Music theory & harmony
  • Posture & hand position, saxophone placement
  • Correct embouchure
  • Use of air & breath control
  • Timing & rhythm
  • Ear training 
  • Popular standards & melodies
  • Practice material & backing tracks

Advanced Course Curriculum

  • Music theory
  • Introduction to Jazz & styles – soloing & improvisation
  • Standards & melodies
  • Recording & composition
  • Scales & modes
  • Musical interpretation & vibrato well-executed on student’s own initiative
  • Sight-reading with accuracy & confidence
  • Familiarity with contemporary music and confidence to interpret it musically
  • Overtone series progression
  • Introduction to altissimo register 
  • Practice material & backing tracks

Our Instructors

Sweethin Hartman has been playing the saxophone for over ten years and studied under the late Robert D’souza and Sri Ganesh Karinja.

He is best known for being part of the only band representing South India in the 7th season of India’s Got Talent, his collaboration with Romanian DJ Miki Love at The Great Mela 2016, held in Dubai, and has also rendered several melodies for Kannada films and regional music albums.

In addition to playing the saxophone, he is also a singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist, and percussionist as well.

Rex Rozario is synonymous with the Jazz scene in Bangalore and is the heir of the legendary Jacob “Jakes” Rozario. He has been a professional saxophonist for over four decades. In 1985, Mr. Rozario formed his own band, The Rex Rozario Quintet which continues to be active and popular even today. Off-stage, he is usually imparting his much sought-after skills to students across ages, from different walks of life, and with varying levels of proficiency.


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