Piano / Keyboard Classes


When you think of music and instruments, at the top of the list along with the guitar is the piano or the keyboard. Depending on whom you ask, you will be told that the piano is better for precision and musical theory, whereas the keyboard is better for portability and versatility. Generally, popular music today uses a keyboard, but the piano is an absolute must for all those in serious pursuit of music as a career. Most of the musical geniuses known over decades, have been incredible pianists – from Mozart to the Mozart of Madras, AR Rahman – they are known for their incredible skill in playing the keys.

Our classes at the Bridge, offer you basic and advanced training in both keyboards and piano, depending on your preference. The syllabus is based on Western Classical theory, but given our personalized training, we encourage students to follow their genre preference and use the same during class sessions.

Come, experience music like you never have, with us… at the Bridge. We aim to provide the best piano and keyboard training through our classes in Bangalore.

Beginner Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to instrument
  • Music theory & Harmony
  • Timing and rhythm
  • Ear training
  • Popular Standards & Melodies
  • Chords & progressions
  • Finger independence
  • Scales and inversions
  • Introduction to recording and composing
  • Practice material and backing tracks

Advanced Course Curriculum

  • Music theory
  • Harmony and Chord extensions/Voicing’s
  • Time signatures and finger excerizes
  • Introduction to Blues/RnB/Gospel
  • Introduction to Jazz and styles – Soloing and Improvisation
  • Standards and melodies.
  • Recording and composition.
  • Altered harmony and soloing.
  • Fusion and alternate scales.
  • Practise material and backing tracks.

Our Instructors


Sherwin Yules : A national level winner for Western vocals with over 12 years of experience in training acapella choirs. 3 years of experience in training vocals and keyboard across various institutes in Bangalore.


Sam Sharath has Over 7 years of experience as a pianist/ keyboard player. Part of the gospel acapella group called The Gospel Addicts, apart from playing as freelance pianist with other independent/ private groups.


Sanketh Kumar has over 3 years of experience in teaching guitar, drums and keyboard. Bass guitarist with Param, a progressive Hindustani rock band.


Rainbow Bridge

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