“ Rainbow Bridge is no doubt a great start for any person interested in music .The classes and tutors are amazing. It's flexible and helps concentrate on the individual's talents.Hands down, the best place to learn music in Bangalore ”



Guitar Student

“I learnt the guitar on my own. But there were certain aspects that I didn’t know when it came to sound. With Sanjeev, I learnt the dynamics that was essential for any guitarist, in terms of sound. He gave me the freedom to meddle around, make mistakes and learn. Developed a very jovial relationship with him. He makes you feel really comfortable. Never felt like a student teacher relationship. Knowledge, fun, passion and experiences are guaranteed under him”



Guitar Student

“Excellent Tutors, Classes are at par with Excellence. Awesome place, just got one word "Awesome" ”


Guitar Student

"A place where you can get end to end sense of music mostly because the talented faculties and their varied knowledge in all aspects. Also, you get to practice and perform with teachers which itself will improve your playing a lot."


Shubham Singh Guitar Student @ Rainbow Bridge

Shubham Singh

Guitar Student

"The most awesome place for music!!!!!!!!"


Ribhav Devprasad : Student @ RB

Ribhav Devprasad

"Honestly, I have no words to describe how great the place is! Changed my life completely. Thanks to Sanjeev sir, and the wonderful faculty here, I have become very open to all genres of music, and my understanding and love for music has increased. Thank you so much!"


Daivik Shetty

"Going to Rainbow bridge is one of the best parts of my week. I wait eagerly for my class through the week. I have had an amazing experience here. Sanjeev is the best mentor one can get. Rainbow bridge is a great place to learn music!"


Prakriti Jhingran

Prakriti Jhingran

"I have been taking classes at Rainbow bridge for quite some time now and it’s been a great experience so far! Prior to taking classes here, most of my understanding of the guitar had come from YouTube and reading tabs online. Sanjeev has helped me bring a structure to my playing. He is extremely patient and not to mention outright talented! The vibe of the studio is great as well. Feels like you're jamming with friends rather than going for a class to learn. I would highly recommend Rainbow Bridge to anyone who is passionate about music!"


Kartik Pradeep

Kartik Pradeep 




“Sanjeev is a super talented musician and song writer and very passionate about his music ! And that dedication will flow into Rainbow Bridge, a great initiative ! All the best Sanjeev.”



“Talent and determination have guided my good friend, Sanjeev Thomas to start up the Rainbow Bridge. Guys, its the place to be. Congratulations Sanjeev !! ”

Keba Jeremiah


“Sanjeev has a heart full of music and working with him has always been a privilege and meaningful. As he takes his new step towards the music school, I would like to wish him all the best in all his efforts and pray that this new path in his journey will take him to greater heights. All the best buddy !!! ”

Sanket Naik


” Sanjeev is one of the very soulful and versatile guitarist in the country. It’s always very productive to jam and share musical thoughts with him. I would like to send all the positive energies for his new venture of the music school. All the best bro! ”

Mohini Dey


“Wishing you all the very best for your music school. All my best wishes with you and may your school bring out some of the best musicians in the future. God bless us all!! Loads of love to you and your school!! Music is not what you do, it is what you are and like Bob Marley said – When music hits you, you feel no pain. In addition to this line i would say no pain, no gain ? So keep practising keep working hard and everything falls in the right place ? ”

Sheldon D’Silva


“Sanjeev is a musician par excellence whether it be singing, song writing, guitar playing or music production, so an initiative for music education by him is something you shouldn’t miss. Working with Sanjeev has always been a pleasure, as his humility and spirit is always inspiring, and i’m sure he will inspire a whole new generation of artists through his school.”

Harish S.V.K


“Here is wishing Sanjeev T and his new venture all the very best. Anyone aspiring to learn and master the six strings, Sanjeev T is your man – A pioneering guitarist of our times.”

Roop Thomas


“Multi talented brother with crazy guitar playing skills and a voice that can cut through diamonds. My favourite music composer and arranger with a loud and powerful stage presence. Hail RB.”


Rainbow Bridge

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